How to print less: leaflets, flyers, booklets

With the objective to order leaflets, flyers or brochures are cheaper, we must remember about the priorities of advertising printing. Yet benefit its operation usually exceeds the benefit from cost savings. Therefore, the appearance of the product shall conform to the task. This article is in any case not replace the professional experience and expertise, but will introduce you to logic and the main factors that affect the price of printing leaflets, flyers and booklets.

Paper and color

For color printing brochures, flyers and leaflets coated paper density of 115, 130, 150, 170 and 200 gr is often used. The cost of paper is directly proportional to its weight: that is, to order flyers, leaflets and booklets can be cheaper by lighter paper. For comparison, the density of 130 g. is often used to cover reputable journals, and 200 – for business cards, so in most cases, to print leaflets, flyers and booklets enough 115-gram paper.

When it comes to the advertising of goods economy class (initially offer a massive and profitable), it makes sense to sacrifice the “glossy” appearance and order booklets, leaflets or flyers on cheaper, offset paper with printing in 2 colors. If you make a stylish layout “antique”, in the spirit of Suprematism or poster-style, for the exclusive advertising goods or services are also available print flyers, leaflets and booklets cheap, in one or two colors on offset paper – and then, the savings would be only part style.

Format, circulation and collecting order

Standard format ensures optimal use of the printed sheet, so it is a prerequisite for printing booklets, leaflets and flyers cheap. Print flyers often use the A6, A5 and A4, for flyers – A6 and booklet – A4, A3. It is worth noting that among the standard options folding booklets have quite a lot of interesting and non-trivial. For example, you can order cheap booklets with asymmetrical seaming or adding “gate” – get the original and no extra charge.

The greater the number of copies, the cheaper you can order prints leaflets, brochures and flyers. Printing houses often print editions “descent” – that is to assemble the same paper and color orders to optimize the cost of the work. For example: there is an order for 500 A4 leaflets 1000 leaflets A5 and A6 flyers 4000; if printed format A2 place 1 booklet, two leaflets and flyers 8, you can print them in one edition. This reduces the direct costs and time spent on the job.

Many specialize in “Descent”, offering the most competitive prices and constant schedule runs. You can find a printer or collect their “descent”, agreeing with neighbors or acquaintances of the joint printing brochures, flyers and leaflets – any typography offer for this edition.

Professional services

In a modern printing house the equipment with various functions and formats, so it’s always worth asking about optimizing the value of your circulation manager printing, in which you plan to print leaflets, flyers and booklets. It can also tell about the possibilities of the equipment, for example about what options can do for folding booklets to give them individuality without departing from the scope of the price.

A good, well-made layout can not only improve efficiency, but also help to optimize the cost of printing brochures, flyers and leaflets. The best solution – teamwork customer, manager and designer.

In conclusion, I want to wish a successful advertising campaign and remind that at the exchange of printing orders you are sure to find a reliable partner for the printing of flyers, leaflets and booklets cheap!

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